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What You Need To Know When It Comes To Ashitaba

Ashitaba has been used for various purposes like treating digestion problems, bruises, as well as infections, and also, they are used in cuisines. According to research, it shows that ashitaba has a vast array of health benefits that go beyond its traditional use and this may include the improvement of heart health, the reduction of blood pressure as well as the reduction of weight. If you want to know more about the advantages that Ashitaba has to offer, then you better carry on reading as we present below some information about it that you must know of.

To define Ashitaba or Angelica Keiskei, it is a green, leafy herb that is considered as part of the carrot (Apiaceae) family. The Ashitaba plant is branded as “tomorrow’s leaf” because of its regenerative properties and its ability to rapidly grow as well. Every single part of the Ashitaba plant is edible, and that includes the roots as well. There are other things about Ashitaba that you should know of like how these plants are native to the coastal regions, plus, they are being used as medicine and food by different islands and peninsulas. There are other definitions given to Ashitaba like how the plant is cold and hardy and can promptly grow even in garden beds that are partially shaded. Ashitaba is consumed in various ways like in the form of soups, entrees, dried into leaves for teas, and also, as a fresh vegetable, plus, they are grounded into power for supplementation as well. When it comes to teas, they are made after fifteen minutes of steeping the dried leaves of Ashitaba into hot water. In the past, the plant was used continuously to treat different health issues like flu, hepatitis, arthritis, indigestion, fever as well as infections.

Apart from the advantages and usages we stated here in this article, there are still more that you have to know of like how it helps in weight reduction. According to the study of twenty-five overweight and fifteen healthy weight individuals, Ashitaba was able to minimize waist width and body weight after eight weeks. Furthermore, the study also revealed that the overweight people who were the subject had lost their stomach fat. A pilot trial shows that Ashitaba was able to reduce not only stomach fat and total body fat, but also BMI and body weight in people who have metabolic syndrome and everything happened within four to eight weeks.

We want you to know that the consumption of Ashitaba may potentially lead to the reduction of liver damage for those who drink alcoholic beverages. In a survey of eighty-two heavy alcohol drinkers, twelve weeks of Ashitaba supplementation has lead to the reduction of gamma-glutamyl transferase, a marker for liver damage.

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