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How to Prevent Blood Clotting
Over-the-counter drugs are not only expensive but sometimes dangerous for a person’s health. In the modern world, individuals with abnormal blood clotting are advised to take drug thinners. However, it is important to note that the natural and home-made remedies should not replace the prescribed medicines. The following are some of the blood thinners that one can add in their diet.
Ginger is a commonly used spice that is recognized for its health benefits. It not only relaxes the body but also reduced body inflammation. If you are experiencing respiratory difficulties, you should consider taking a cup of ginger.
The largest percentage of its health benefits originates from Curcumin. As a result, individuals with blood clotting issues can incorporate the spice in their daily meals to ensure blood thinning. However, it is not easily absorbed in the bloodstream which sometimes weakens it as a blood thinner.
You should consider adding cinnamon to your tea if you want to make it blissful. It reduces blood clotting by ensuring healthy blood circulation. You can damage your liver if you consume too much of the remedy.
It is therefore advisable to take the pepper at least three times in a week. Some of the agents that assist in blood thinning are salicyclates. However, it is advisable to take it in small amounts because its hotness and spicy nature.
It is the most effective blood thinning agents because it affects platelets and fibrin. Another health benefit of this spice is that it prevents heart diseases and the formation of blood clots in the body. It ensures that the heart and other blood vessels are safe from oxygen radicals. It is impossible to ignore the benefits of garlic.
Salmon is a spice with high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids which are very helpful in blood thinning. However, the daily consumption of salmon should not exceed three grams. The consultation of the doctor is important.
You are less likely to suffer from heart disease if you take these kinds of blood thinners once in a while. It also prevents the clogging of the blood vessel and hence ensures blood thinning. Patients under the prescription of blood thinners should avoid wine and alcohol because they easily interact with the medicines.
According to recent research, this component also reduces blood clots that threaten the body. However, it is wrong to take more than 40 IU in a day because they could affect the body negatively. However, you can still purchase the different supplements available in the market. However, those taking these kinds of blood thinners should consider talking to their doctor before they embrace the onion diet.
Patients need to understand that natural remedies are helpful but they are not as effective as the blood-thinning medications which means that natural remedies are better used as preventive measures.

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